Customer's Problem is Our Business

At MyBrush Group, we focus on solving our customers problems by providing comprehensive solutions. This is the fundamental philosophy that steers us forward in today’s competitive environment.

As a vital partner within the manufacturing ecosystem, we are able to proudly fulfil our customers needs and requirements. The goal of MyBrush Group is to offer broad and dynamic solutions at all times, by developing and continuously improving our technology offerings. We look forward to strengthening relationships with our cherished business partners and growing hand-in-hand.
Quality Assurance

We do not view Quality as a system, process, standard, or certification. MyBrush Group Quality is about understanding customers expectations and delivering on our promises.

Our Facilities

  • 6 Factories & 2 Warehouses
  • Total Space: 800,000 Sq.Ft
  • Build-Up Area: 600,000 Sq.ft
  • Manpower: 2,500 Persons

  • Expansion Plan (Within 2 Years)
    • 200,000 Sq.Ft
  • 2 Factories
  • Total Space: 160,000 Sq.ft
  • Built-Up Area: 80,000 Sq.ft
  • Manpower: 500 Persons

  • Expansion Plan (Within 2 Years)
    • 150,000 Sq.Ft
1500 +
70 +
0 +

Our Valued Customers