With our available OEM & ODM solutions, MyBrush Group caters to your various production and branding needs.

The Engineering Design & Support team focusses on new product development, product engineering and manufacturing. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers is committed to delivering the highest service quality for our customers.

Our goal is to design and develop equipment that meets the most stringent process requirements. The Equipment Design & Fabrication team works closely with our customers to understand all their technical requirements and productivity needs.

Through our consultation and customized service approach, we provide the guidance and recommendations for the customer to make the best possible tooling decisions. The Tooling Design & Fabrication team combines skill and experience to fulfil every need.

In line with MyBrush Group’s one stop solution offerings, we provide Research, Design and Development (RDD) services to help customers in anticipating future market needs. Our services include modification solutions, process improvement and new product development. Together with the customer, we will pursue a shared vision in defining the specification and realizing the product design to meet the current market demand.