Over the years, MyBrush Group has been providing one stop solutions to customers and partners. With our stable network and strong capacity, we are able to offer solution services such as prototyping, supply chain management, project management, mass production solution, product & process testing and Quality Assurance.

MyBrush Group assists customers in transforming creative ideas into tangible products. Our prototyping service is a great way to test and validate design assumptions hence conceptualizing ideas in a cost-effective way.

MyBrush Group understands the importance of developing and implementing a supply chain process that is efficient and economical. We support customers with an active streamlining of the supply-side activities to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The Project Management team enables the realization of our customer’s vision, goals and objectives. Our team possesses the necessary skills and experience in all aspects of project planning, execution and monitoring to satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements.

MyBrush Group’s rapid growth and expansion has enabled the group to meet the demand for mass production . With stringent monitoring and automated assembly, MyBrush Group runs mass production with a high level of precision and efficiency at lower cost.

MyBrush Group offers a modern test facility to drive for improved quality, efficiency, and productivity. We offer assistance in optimizing manufacturing test processes across different industries, to deliver success to customers.

With in-depth knowledge and industry experience, MyBrush Group offers QC solutions to standardize production and address to quality issues. We assist customers and partners to maintain and improve their product quality at all times.